Tuesday, September 13, 2011

18 octobre: Owen Stewart Robertson (NYC), Adam Kinner + Nora-Louise Müller (Allemagne), Ellwood Epps

18 octobre: Owen Stewart Robertson (guitar, NYC), Adam Kinner (tenor sax)
Nora-Louise Müller (clarinettes Bohlen-Pierce, Germany), Ellwood Epps (trompette)

''The overwhelming effect of the Bohlen-Pierce scale can hardly be understood on the basis of descriptive words. It is the immediate aural impression that opens the doors to this alterate tonal world. Unlike the scales of our usual system, it is not the octave that forms the repeating frame but the perfect twelfth (octave plus fifth), dividing it into 13 steps, according to various mathematical considerations. The result is an alternative harmonic system that opens new possibilities to contemporary and future music.

In 2008, the first acoustic wind instrument using the scale, the Bohlen-Pierce clarinet, was premiered...


Le Cagibi 5490 St-Laurent
musique commence à 21h30
contribution volontaire ($5+ suggeré)

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